Why Was Homework Invented

Why Was Homework Invented

Homework is as old as learning and teaching. A lot of myths surround homework; if you want to know about scientifically correct truths about the invention and history of homework; you are going to get it delivered to you on a platter of diamond in this blog.

The Who? When? Why? Of homework

According to goggle, the idea of homework is the brainchild of Roberto Nevilis. He brought in the idea as punishment for his students that are showing a lazy attitude towards learning. This practice according to goggle began in the year 1905. There is a high chance that this inventor is imaginary and never existed in the first place because nothing was said about him and there is a high likelihood that homework has been in existence before 1905.

It can be argued that homework has been in existence since the time of education itself. The history of homework can be traced to the middle Ages, acts of philosophers of the Enlightenment as well as future industrial tycoons of the 19th century. All were involved in homework in the form of memorizing; handwriting practice and reading.

Who then actually invented homework? Reference can be made to Pliny the Younger. It is on record that he encouraged his students to involve in public speaking at home which encourages his students to become more confident and fluent in speech.

If we are to set aside the Romans and Greek out of the picture; we can link some type of homework to the first system in schools. It can be said here that homework came into the full picture when education became available to all irrespective of the standing in the society-rich or poor. There was no digital form of communication then; the only open option then was only through memorizing the homework. 

The Importance Of Homework 

Homework should not be beyond the scope of what was taught in the classroom. The duration must not be more than 2 hours if it is to have the desired positive impact on the students. When you exceed this time, feel free to ask for answers to your tasks at Myhomeworkdone.com. The following justifies the inclusion of homework:

  • Homework helps to renew the minds of the students on the topics they learned earlier in the day; it will erase the chances of memory loss.
  • When something taught is repeated; it is the mother of learning.
  • Homework helps to increase the creativity and imagination of students.

Main Goals Of Homework

  • Helps to learn at the pace of the student
  • Helps the students to become responsible because they can plan their schedule with no tutor supervising them
  • Helps in building research skills in students
  • The above represents the core values of homework. 

Homework In The Present

No matter what critics say about homework in our days; it is part of the GPA; the implication is that students that aim to get good grades out of school must not joke with homework. Some categories of this homework help to build the portfolio of students when it comes to issues of employment.

Final Take

The above represents the authentic history of homework from the infant stages up until the dimension it has taken today.

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