What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Banning Homework

What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Banning Homework

The homework in the schooling system has been with us for some time now. 10 minutes for lower grades and two hours for higher grade students are seen to be too much of a burden for students with calls to limit the time spent on homework or outrightly ban it

Will the two hours per subject that each teacher has in school be adequate to solve the academic needs of the students? We shall be considering the pros and cons of banning homework. Let us start with the pros:

Advantages Of Banning Homework

  • Students will not be made to have a longer working day as compared to what their parents pass through in their place of work. With 6-8 hrs in school and an extra two or more hours at home for homework; students are deprived of their social life.
  • The guarantee of improvement is not sure going through the results of surveys. When home and classroom experiences are separated; younger students will benefit from this.
  • When homework is banned, the younger children will benefit from it. They will excel best when given more time to pursue interests outside the classroom environment.
  • Whit the ban on homework; families will get more time to blend well together immediately after school hours.
  • The health of the students are adversely impacted when they have too much assignment to contend with.
  • Teens need 10 hours of sleep while students in grade school will need 12 hours of sleep each day to get back the vitality needed to execute the day’s assignment. 
  • The majority of the homework are repetitions of what students have learned in the classroom environment. Banning homework will, therefore, introduce more dynamism into learning. Moreover, kids won’t have to cheat on homework, because most of the students find themselves looking for a place where they can pay someone to do my assignment.
  • The ban on homework will provide more time for peer socialization. It is pertinent to note that many home environments are not ideal for homework. Assignments of irregular work will be out of the equation.

Disadvantages Of Banning Homework

  • If homework is sustained, it will give the teachers the opportunity of knowing the true academic worth of their students.
  • When students are used to homework situations; the stress of anxiety of taking tests will be brought down.
  • When students take part in assignments; it will help in discovering the disabilities in students and will go all the way to help students overcome such.
  • The bond created through assignments between parents and students becomes stronger. The parents are seen to be more involved in the learning process which is to the advantage of the student.
  • When students are made to undertake homework; it will give them the opportunity of getting used to deeper forms of research.
  • When students are made to do their homework; they will become better managers of time and the spirit of persistence in them will be enhanced.
  • Students given homework will become accountable for their roles in the educational process.
  • Students that partake in doing homework become better time managers in the future.

Final Take

It will be difficult to take a final stand on whether homework should be allowed or not. For some students, it is a necessity. For other students; it is a burden. A balance can be created between the two extremes. The verdict is subjective until more research is carried out.

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