The Strategic Plan

The development of the Strategic Plan for the Arkansas Geographic Alliance has essentially been completed. The Plan was created by the Planning Team, members of the Alliance Executive Board, TC Board of Advisers, and Non-Profit Leadership. The Plan is a living, dynamic document that will guide the Alliance through 2014.

The Strategic Plan (.pdf version)
The Strategic Plan Summary (flip version)
Steps to Success

Vision Statement

Individual citizens, businesses, educational institutions, and public and private organizations in Arkansas, realize that a geographic literate population is essential and critical for economic competiveness in an interdependent, global society, for the preservation of quality of life, and for environmental sustainability. These persons, institutions, and organizations will promote the need for, assist in the advancement of, and provide financial support for geography education and geographic literacy. Therefore, by 2025, geography will be a preeminent component of the school curriculum at all levels and supported by all stakeholders.

Mission Statement

The Mission of the Arkansas Geographic Alliance is to advocate and advance geographic literacy in Arkansas by: 1) communicating with and engaging stakeholders; 2) measuring geographic literacy; 3) establishing an efficient infrastructure; 3) providing high quality professional development and other programs for practicing teachers, teacher candidates, and others; and 5) partnering with other organizations that will assist in reforming geography education.


Values Statement

In alignment with the Vision and Mission, the Arkansas Geographic Alliance values: 1) Pre K – 16+ geographic education that abides by core and national standards and promotes geographic literacy at all levels and disciplines of instruction; 2) professional preparation and development that produces teachers well educated in geographic knowledge and pedagogy; and 3) public awareness and support of geographic literacy through the involvement of state policy makers, schools and school districts, businesses, communities, parents, and families.

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