External resources

Below you will find links to several excellent external resources. These websites are consistently updated and are filled with information about the uses of geography, how to teach it, and why it is important that our students have a basic understanding of what this subject is.


Seth Dixon’s Scoop It pages – Seth is the nicest guy in the world, lives in Maryland, and his site is full of great maps, information, videos and other resources.


National Council for Geographic Education, Advanced Placement Human Geography


Geomedicine: TED Talk.  On the Esri site, lots of good information and links.  Check out: Your health depends upon where you live video   9:22


Gapminder:  Great site for demography, health & economic growth; create your own interactive graphs, check out the downloads and videos.


About Education: Geography: Lots of interesting articles and videos


I like to learn: map quizzes and cultural geography quizzes


The Geographical Association, The UKs professional geography organization


ArcGIS on-line:


Map Collection; if you’re good at searching on-line data bases, lots of historical and unique maps here: http://www.davidrumsey.com/

Esri ArcGIS K-12 Organization:  Lots of interactive map making materials, check out the Links to Youth Videos, it has two Springdale AR 4th graders presenting at the international ArcGIS Users Conference in 2014.

Esri Link


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