AP Human Geography

The Arkansas Geographic Alliance is interested in providing advanced educational experiences for Arkansas students. The Advanced Placement Human Geography initiative organizes workshops for teachers who are currently teaching AP Human Geography courses, and it organizes workshops for those teachers who want to become APHG teachers. The Alliance, under this initiative, intends to expand AP Human Geography in more schools in Arkansas.

A very good write up about what human geography is, as well as why we should focus on teaching it in our schools, was composed by Russellville High’s Paul Grey. This write up, which can be found here also includes various resources for those who teach geography as well as some ideas for hands on activities.

Some further information about the APHG curriculum and general know-how can be found through the College Board directory found here. You can also find an overview of how the course should be taught as well as a general outline of what will be covered in class by following this link.

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