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The following items are in the Alliance library and can be requested by Alliance members. Items should not be kept for more than one (1) month then returned to the Alliance office at: Department of Geography, 301 Irby Hall, University of Central Arkansas, Conway, AR 72035.

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Altoff, Peggy et al. 2012 Teaching Reading with the Social Studies Standards, 118 pages
Brookhart, Susan M. 2013 How to Create and Use Rubrics, 158 pages
Collins, Jim 2005 Good to Great and the Social Sectors, 35 pages
Dean, Ceri B. et al. 2012 Classroom Instruction that Works, 185 pages
Dougherty, Eleanor 2012 Assignments Matter, 191 pages
Fisher, Douglas et al. 2012 How to Create a Culture of Achievement, 223 pages
Godin, Seth 2002 Purple Cow: Transform Your Business by Being Remarkable, 209 pages
Jackson, Robyn R. 2013 Never Underestimate Your Teachers, 174 pages
Moss, Connie M. et al. 2012 Learning Targets, 220 pages


Educational Leadership, The Resourceful School, December 2011
Educational Leadership, Common Core, Now What?, December 2012
Educational Leadership, The Principalship, April 2013
Social Studies and the Young Learner, Kids in the Community January 2012
Geography for Life, National Geography Standards, 2nd Edition 2012

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