Climate and Warming

Writing about climate change and global warming is politically dangerous, but here goes. There is confusion regarding the difference between global warming and climate change. I saw an hour-long presentation on “climate change” the other day that was really about global warming. That Earth’s average temperature is currently higher than in the past relates to global warming and discussions about the natural and anthropogenic causes of that warming. Certainly Earth’s warming impacts climate. There is no such thing as a global climate – a phrase frequently used by uninformed people. Earth’s climates consist of six types, each with well-defined climate regions. Each climate region is classified by well-known characteristics. As long as those regional characteristics are within the prescribed range the climate does not change. For example, based on historic data, 130 years ago, Little Rock’s climate was classified as Cfa. That has not changed. Little Rock’s climate remains a Cfa in 2012. BG

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