Climate and Warming

Writing about climate change and global warming is politically dangerous, but here goes. There is confusion regarding the difference between global warming and climate change. I saw an hour-long presentation on “climate change” the other day that was really about global warming. That Earth’s average temperature is currently higher than in the past relates to […]

Views on Climate Change

An important point needs to be made regarding climate change. The phrase, “global climate change” is misleading and should be replaced by something that more accurately reflects what is taking place. First, there is no such thing as a “global climate,” and second, entire climate regions are not changing from one type to another. Rather, […]

Arkansas Curriculum Conference

Several members of the Arkansas Geographic Alliance participated in the Arkansas Curriculum Conference. Dr. Nancy Gallavan and Marilyn Friga facilitated a session; Lori Delk and Paul Gray facilitated a session; Dr. Brooks Pearson of the UCA Geography Department facilitated a session, and Mounir Farah facilitated a session. Brooks Green staffed a booth for the Alliance […]

Geography: A Window to the World

The Arkansas Geographic Alliance is planning a major conference that will be held on Saturday, April 21, 2012 (click here for a flyer). The conference will be for all practicing teachers, teacher candidates, social studies methods professors, and other interested educators. EconomicsArkansas, EAST, ACSS, the Geography Club at UCA, the Department of Geography at UCA, […]

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