National Geographic’s Geo Bee

National Geographic runs a “Geo Bee” every spring, this competition – which is a geographical knowledge quiz bowl – is open to students who have not turned 15 on or before September 1st, 2015. However, instead of butchering an explanation here, follow the link below to the Nat Geo’s faq about this event and find […]

Geospatial Resources

Many teachers are using GIS or GPS technologies in their classrooms with great success. Rather than try to recreate activities or data layers that have already been created, instructors should find available resources and adapt these as needed. To help our teachers with this task, a new page has been added to the AGA website: […]

Geospatial Technology PD Opportunities

A series of GIS for Education workshops will be held across Arkansas in May and June 2015 as part of a grant from leading GIS software developer, Esri. These workshops will focus on developing fundamental skills in a web-based GIS platform and translating learned skills into structured activities aligned with new content standards for Geography at […]

Politics and Geography

Because this is an election year, things political are constantly in the headlines. We hear about, and even discuss, issues related to political candidates. But most citizens don’t understand that politics and campaigning are very geographic. We hear about “swing” states, “blue” and “red” states, “flyover” states, and we see maps of states showing areas […]

Local vs. Global

I argue that what appear to be local issues are not just local issues, but are global and to remove that element from the discussion is harmful to students. Chemical contamination connected to a refinery explosion in Delaware City which sent toxic gasses into the night sky is not JUST a local issue, but a […]

Geographic Literacy

There is a national movement underway in the United States to reform geography education in order to increase geographic literacy. In the near future high school seniors will be assessed annually to determine improvement in geographic literacy. It is understood that significant changes in curriculum and instruction will be necessary for improvement to be made. […]

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